Stockholm 1887

Board game about Stockholm year 1887

This is the board game about Stockholm in year 1887. Carry goods in the city; first by foots and later with Your horses and boats. Enjoy the good times, take a part of drawing and be rich with purchase of boats. Manage the bad times, pay repair of Your carrige and remember to avoid to ending up in the Långholmen-prison...

This board game is based on A. R. Lundgren-map from year 1885 (laminated A3, partly pared down). You need two dices, gamecards (horse-, boat, event-, cityarea- and commissioncards) and max 4 pieces to play the game.


Gamecards with Your gamekey

Gamekey is printed on the backside of the gameboard. You need Your gamekey to logg in and to get the gamecards and more detailed instructions of the game.

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